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Webinar Building a Positive Organizational Culture with Appreciation 2.0. habits

Stop a toxic corporate culture. Invest in building good relationships by empowering your colleagues to give compliments that build trust and create a culture of appreciation. How do you go beyond the simple compliment "Thanks" or "Well done"? You don't have to wait for someone to do something right to emphasize what you think is good about the other person's character.

Naming what is good forms the basis for also making critical comments from which colleagues grow. The skill of authentic valuation is what you learn in this unique and practical webinar. We practice the art of appreciation! Participants have practiced practical evidence-based tools for appreciative communication.

Participants will receive a Happy Wear appreciation set with 40 meaningful compliment cards. The webinar ensures that participants can get started right awaypositive habitsin their business as usual to spread the positive ripple of appreciation in your organization.What results can you expect?

Strengthen relationships

Confidence increases

Engagement rises


1.5 in


Price pp 160€ excluding VAT

Included in the price a Happy Wear appreciation set with 40 meaningful compliment cards worth 25€

Book your session today!click hereFor an inspiring article about surprising remuneration, read this article with Xavier Baeten from Vlerick.https://zigzaghr.be/met-belonen-kan-je-veel-kapot-maken/