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Build a positive organizational culture with compliments in action. Happy Wear can upgrade your event by using our professionally trained compliment girls. These ladies are trained in giving appreciative feedback. They walk around at your event. And write personal compliment notes tailored to your colleagues. The experience and perception of appreciation is central to this. All attendees receive a set of appreciation cards that, in turn, allow a positive ripple of appreciation to flow through your organization.

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Nothing more fun than surprising someone with a meaningful gift. Even nicer than theexperience, the surpriseeffect is central here. Sometimes it's not what we get but how it's given. That is why we at Happy Wear decided to make a special product. Theappreciation experience. We let your colleague experience how much you appreciate them by handing over a meaningful and useful gift in an unforgettable way. Here we make onememorythat your colleague cannot forget. Better than a box of chocolate or flowers right? What can you expect? A dazzling fanfare, confetti, majorettes, hostesses who surprise your colleague with a personal message. This and much more is possible. You havesomething to celebrate? Want to onboard a newcomer in a special way? An unforgettable last day at work because your colleague is retiring? An Anniversary? Or maybe you just want to give your colleagues a meaningful experience that they will never forget and thank them for all their efforts? Research shows that the extent to which a company invests in philanthropy and the experience are important decision criteria when millennials choose a company. In the 'war for talent' and the challenge of retaining good employees, these are perhaps the competitive advantages that distinguish you from other attractive employers. You have something to celebrate? ask yourtailor-made offer   View a case for the company Moore here