Wooden cooking spoon & support charity

What if you could give cooking a touch of mindfulness and happiness? This beautiful handmade wooden cooking spoon reminds you to think about the good things. The spoon is made in Italy with craftsmanship and great care. Each spoon is unique , the grain of the wood draws each spoon differently. The quotes are each engraved with an eye for perfection by Hans van de Occassion in Sint Gillis Waas. In short, a sustainable gift that will surprise you and spread happiness. Proceeds go to children in need. So extra meaningful!

Product info

Wood type natural olive tree wood


Shine on

Be mindful

You Rock

Be grateful

Focus on the good

Breath. Come into the here and now.

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Happiness theme

Gratitude, Giving, Mindset, Positive focus, Rational optimism, Social connection, Stronger with stress