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Inspired by the desire to contribute to a better world.

A life changing experience

It is 40 degrees, a humid heat, the Merapi volcano in Indonesia is steaming in the distance. A little boy of about four years old stands next to me on the doorstep. He smiles, I smile back. He bends over, picks up a still smoldering cigarette butt and stuffs it into his mouth. With shocked eyes I take them from his hands and hug him softly. Like moms do.

I continue my day and at the orphanage in Sayap Ibu I see small children's hands reaching through the bars of their beds for a milk bottle. Even Monicatje, an orphan of only three months, takes it eagerly and drinks it all on her own. I am amazed at what she can do. She has dark brown eyes and the hair of a monchichi.

"You mama Monica?" asked one of the caretakers.
My heart said 'yes'!
But adopting a child in Indonesia is very difficult.
So after this Erasmus internship I started looking for other ways to help.
It never left me.

Even fifteen years later it kept me awake at night. I had to do something to help the most vulnerable (children and animals) in this world.

But like so many people, I felt paralyzed: what can I do about this now?

Until one bright Friday afternoon when I walked through the city and saw a top hanging in a shop window; Be Happy, it's Friday.

As an expert in positive psychology, I coach organizations on a daily basis to bring more well-being at work. I thought the text of that top could be better.

Why not make it "Be Happy, it's Monday"?

That's when I got the Happy Wear idea; the concept in which I bring the science of happiness closer to a large audience through everyday utensils. In this way you are constantly reminded of scientific happiness advice, so that you can consciously choose happiness even in difficult moments.

— Evelien Van Dyck, CEO Happy Wear


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