How it works

Your Happy Wear is a meaningful and well-made gift with profits going to good causes.

A Happy Wear is an experience. Using them will make you happier. Your Happy Wear is a mini happiness training in itself.

Laughing muscle 2
Laughing muscle 2

Train your lucky choice muscle

Your Happy Wear helps you to become 1% better every day in making choices that bring you and your environment more well-being. Even on difficult days.

Experiment 2
Experiment 2

Experiment with happiness habits

Your Happy Wear helps you kickstart new happiness habits and effortlessly maintain them. Each object is also a smart environmental trigger that reminds you daily of your well-being resolutions.

Drop 2
Drop 2

Spread a positive ripple effect

By wearing, using or giving them away you increase the happiness of yourself and that of others around you. They spark conversations around happiness, positivity and well-being, both at home and at work.

Your Happy Wear not only increases happiness, you also make the world a little better, because with every purchase you immediately support a good cause!

8 happiness themes

That contribute to your well-being and to the well-being of people around you.



To give
happy-wear receiver

To give



At least 0



Positive focus

Reasonably optimistic

Rational optimism

Happy Wear Social Connect
Happy Wear Social Connect

Social connection


Stronger with stress

Each Happy Wear has a meaningful quote that matches 1 of these 8 happiness themes. With your purchase you will receive a free mini happiness webinar on a theme of your choice. In this video you will learn more about the science and get practical tips.

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We really want to spread good deeds around the world! That's why we decided to give back in a way that suits us and where we really make a difference.

We, like so many others, have lost faith in major humanitarian organizations over the years. You often don't know what happens to your money because of the complex bureaucracy and you hear embarrassing stories that show, for example, that a lot of money is spent on computers in a development village where only one person can effectively work with a PC. This is help that really makes no difference.

That's why we chose to do it differently. A large part of the Happy Wear proceeds therefore go to small-scale charities that reduce child poverty, such as VP Forever volunteer projects in Bali of the Belgian Kimberly Vanderheyden. She helps 500 children a day! Marshal School of Zeba Housein, which helps children from the slums in Islamabad. Pelicano, a Belgian organization that helps children in poverty, because there are children close to home who desperately need your help.

We carefully select each charity and only support concrete and small-scale projects that rotate every few months. Together with local partners, we set a concrete goal to give them a helping hand. Once this is achieved, we move on to a new goal. So you can sleep soundly, because your money is well spent.

Be sure to follow our social media, where we regularly report on the charities we support and our progress in this.

We do our best to choose the most sustainable, planet-friendly materials. For example, our sunglasses wipes are made from recycled PET bottles, we use water-degradable paint for our ceramic cups and recycled paper for the thank you cards. Many of our products are also handmade. Not by children's hands, of course, by artisan artists and creative people.​

There you are wrong! Our products are all produced in Europe. The majority in Belgium. This makes them not dirt cheap, but you do contribute to the local economy and sustainability.


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